Thursday, November 20, 2008

Has New Zealand got talent?

Good Evening. This is New Zealand got talent. Our first act is Tom & Sam with his Juggling Dog. Look at that Dog. Its up to 5 balls. 6 7 8 9 10 ah! Sam's down. Lets see what the judges have got to say. Bryan says "That was dumb! Did you think you would win with that act?? HA HA I was just going to push the buzzer but it finished. That's all! Go NOW!! Bye" "We didn't share or feelings about the act!" "Pi sh Posh get over it! Your still getting paid. Anyway that was OK! Let see if Sam & Tom go to the next round after the break.
(4 minutes later)
Sorry Tom and Sam your in the next round. That was a very hard decision but it was 2 against 1. Vote for Sam & Tom. Call 021021. The next act . Hi my name is Ashley. I'm 23. I'm going to put my phone in my mouth and swallow. Then I'm going to ring myself. Shes put her phone in her mouth. Shes having difficulty you will found out what happens on next weeks epistle.

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