Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bubble Shere

Our computer class room has found this really cool web site its called bubble share what we do is we get all of the photos i chose our computer class room and we put the photos on bubble share and it becomes like a really cool slid show and you can decorate all of the photos.BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing

Monday, April 27, 2009


Me and my buddy did this i-web about Marijuana saying why do people have marijuana and whats the effects. we did 5 pages of facts.

positives in life

I did a text on the computer about all my positives in life i had things like what i enjoy at home like my family pets and at school and spots out of school.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We Can all Become Friends

We can all become freinds

Hey I’m 11 I’m nice but know one would bother even looking at me. Ha ha
Every ones running past there’s me in the canteen bin four boys known as the
four mean bad big school bully’s I'm crying trying to wriggling out of the
smelly small green bin “ring ring” there’s the bell lets gap it guys there was this
one girl how didn’t go she didn’t like the four bully’s called Mike, Luke, Sam
and jack the leader is Mike so she always helps the kids that are in pain. She
always comes out of the blue. I’ve had enough with me getting heart and they like
to make fun of me it’s not fear I’m going to get to get them good ill make them
wish that they never come to this school

I need to think of a plan .I was up all night writing down ideas for a plan that
will fun them out of bullying business and guess what I didn’t come up with a plan
not one “that right back in year five we had to write down the good and the bad things that you heat there was only one thing that mike hates that’s “TRAINS”
ill put the trains every where in mike’s tot tray his desk his bags every where but
this is the hardest part trying to trade the trains from my bother ill need some think
to trade for the trains after an hour I finally found some think that he wants him
wants me to do his chores for the last 2 week and to walk with him to school deal ok I managed to get 47 short small long big trains but he wouldn’t give this one up I think it was called Thomas the Tank Engine well some think like that after I spent
ages on the whole train thing I fell asleep on the sofa.

Yawn …here I go first it the trains in the letter box then the desk then I’ll
sneak in (there) his bag and put the trains (the big one). That will happen
when he gets his homework from his bag. Okay I’m ready now, one hour later.
All done. He’s going to be in for a day. That will change his life forever haha.
Ring ring. There goes the bell. I’m not in any of his classes. So I won’t know
if it works. I’ll hear after school. Was the morning still ? I was walking past
and there he was. I ran to the nearest rubbish bin. He stopped with one of his
friends, right by the bin where I happened to hide behind. I heard Mike saying
“this is the day that my mum passed away, tomorrow. My family will be having
a dinner after school tomorrow. I might not come to school tomorrow”. Why
Mike, “we are going to mum’s grave yard in Wellington”. Ring ring. There’s the morning tea time. I know why he bullies me. He’s soo sad, he needs to hurt me
to get it out of his system. I’m alright with that. He can hurt me if it helps me
with his mum’s death. “The trains, oh no”. I need to go there. I’m trying to
run my hardest, trying to get to Mike’s bag and tot tray. There’s no time to talk.
One of Mike’s friends known as the bully saw me sprinting down the long dark hallway. Luke yells out “stop right there now”, in a very loud strong voice. I
had to stop as know he’s faster and didn’t want to risk it. I was power walking
to him across the hallway very scared. “Yes” is said. “William, don’t think that
you got away with it, I saw what you did you sneaky little thing. Don’t think you
I'll get away with it”. “What did I do ?”. “You know” I said. “Okay you got me,
I put all these little trains everywhere” said Luke, looking confused. “I was going
to say you were hiding at the back of the bin listening to Mike’s mothers issues
oh no why did I say that we need to stop this now run while we where running we heard this noises it was crying sound that’s mike lets go come on William or ill have
to drag you and you want like that ok “yes” hello hello is any one there is this mike this is luke come out its all right the smelly graffiti door is opening very
slowly what’s wrong mike I saw all the trains in my bag and the trains remind
me of my mum. trains where her favourite toys I will only play with a train if my
mum plays with me I miss her so much, run off crying again to the teacher
wanting to go home early it’s been to march with me we haven’t seen mike in
three days it was lunch time luke come up to me and we started talking about
mike if he never comes back {the speaker that’s on} William and luke please
come to the office now thank you yes been I got this special letter from
to William and luke so hear it is ill read it now ill read said luke dear luke and William, your probably wondering where I am I’m on holiday with my dad I
say where we are but now that I’m all right there will be no more bullying in
our school ok I hope you’re my new friends that would probably be the only
I will have for a while lets make a fresh start and we can all have some
present from me to say sorry ok I hope you forgive me ill be away another

two weeks so thanks have a great time bi. Every one become friends with each
other once they got to no them every one live happily ever after hope you
learned that you don’t judge by the looks but by the inside thanks bi.