Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dance Mat Typing

This is a game called dance mat typing. This is a game that helps you improve on your typing skills. You go level by levels. Dance mat typing is a fun game and helps you.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Our class and our buddy class are playing this really cool game it is called Tapuae we have played 7 games and won all of our games our class came first in the scool. Tapuae is a game about matariki. Matariki is about a Maori new year.Add Image

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I am one of the chocolate sellers . Ive got 4 boxes this year. The winner and runner's up, who sell the most chocolates, win cool prizes. And the class with the most money wins some prizes for their class room. There is also a draw for how many boxes you got, so i got 4 so I'll have 4 tickets with my name on it in the draw to win phones,ipods,play station and more.

This is my coca cola netball team my mum also was the ref for our team.We had lots of fun playing netball in the rain with hot chips and lollies we lots 2 games and won 4 games i was playing GS & GA after a wet day our team had a great time.

Mathletics awards

This is a Mathletics certificate that I earned for making my points over a thousand and I have three more.this is a game that helps not only your maths but every think else like measurement,fractions,all shape, times,and more i know that Ive learned lots from mathletics.
This is my speech i had to do a thing called vioce threed what i did is tack a photo of me and place the photo of my vioce threed and then i recorded my speech and there you go.

Speech Assesment

This is my speech assessment of my speech i did my speech on why we should use sun block! a teacher had to mark every think about my speech my eye contact,if my info was a fact if i was nerves and more my mark was 70 out of 100 i beat my score from last year.