Sunday, November 22, 2009

Girls super touch team

I'm in the girls super touch team we play every Friday after school. We are coming 1st at the moment but we still have to try our hardest we never give up we still have practices at lunch time and morning tea practice makes perfect .We have fun every time where playing super touch our all girls team is one of the best our games are 40 minutes long so we have to keep trying our best .

Zone girls touch team

I was in the mixed touch team and my mum was the couch for the mixed touch team.Our mix zone touch team lost all of our game.We played in the rain our shorts where a little bit see though but we had hot chocolate and a BBQ yummy. A boys and a girls team went along is well and all the teams had a really good time our team was trying to get warmer in the shower but that made our shorts even more see though.With one saw leg Pukekohoe did pretty good.